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Friday, February 25, 2011

Living with a Fever

So, two days ago I stopped checking Anna Grace's temp evey two hours. I have 7 days of rectal temps taken every two hours and I know that she reads normal after naps and waking in the morning and that her core body temp rises after playing to 99.9 - 100.2. Once she sits down and rests for 30 minutes it goes down again. I am comfortable not following up with blood tests because I really do not think there is any infection there. I think this is just how she is.

Her regular pediatrician will be back on Tuesday and I will call him and talk with him in length about it when he returns. But, I am not putting her through extensive blooed draws at the hospital for this. I feel like if there is an infection there that her temp will start to spike more consistently and she will develop some other symptom. So... I am just accepting this as how she is and moving on. No more obsessive temp taking.

We have scheduled an appointment with her cardiologist on March 8 and he said if she is cooperating we will try for an echo that day, but that if she is upset at all we'll just proceed with the sedated echo which will be sometime in April. Please begin praying for Anna Grace now that we would be able to get an echo on her on March 8.

Yesterday - we took a much needed day out of the house and went to Mee-mee and Grandpop's lakehouse for the day. The kids LOVED it - they played in the sand pile most of the day. They were DIRTY and HAPPY - what a blessing of a day! We were all very tired when we got home last night. It was a great day! Thank you Mee-mee and Grandpop :)


Jennifer said...

I have been praying and wondering. I am glad you have peace-- for what it's worth (not very much) I think you are making a wise choice. :) I will begin praying now for a miraculous cardiologist app. on the 8th-- for AG to be cooperative-- and for everything to look spectacular on the echo! :)
Glad you got out of the house-- what a blessing to have the lake house to visit!!
I love your guts!

Hope said...

So thankful to talk to you today...even though we were cut off and I had to check the blog for the fever update!! Such is life. We'll be praying.

Jenn said...

I hope the appointment goes well! Charlotte seems to keep a low grade fever in the winter. She's been running between 99 and 100 for over a month now. She has had a cold off and on, but she will have the fever even without the cold. I think some kids just run hot.