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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anna Grace - August 24

Sorry it has been a few days since my last BLOG post. We have been a busy, busy family!

Friday I got BRAVE and took BOTH kids to Walmart. Not for full on grocery shopping... no... I'm not that brave, but just to pick up a few things. However, it was another first for Anna Grace as this was her first experience at Walmart (hence the pictures). I EVEN put her and Zachary in a buggy (after wiping it down with my sanitizing wipes of course)! They both did great at Walmart for the 15 minutes we were there.

We followed our Walmart trip to a trip to Supercuts for my little man to get a haircut. He DOES NOT like having his haircut so I told him if he sat still and did well he could get a "prize" afterward. I held Anna Grace in my arms and we watched Zachary get a haircut. He sat as still as any 3-year old boy could be expected to sit and so after his haircut we headed over to Goodwill for him to pick out a "prize". Unbelievably he found a "Jack Hammer Rescue Hero" action figure. I can't beleive we found one at Goodwill for only a dollar! He is into "Rescue Heros" right now BIG TIME and we were both thrilled to have found "Jack Hammer"! After heading home for a nap (for AG, not for Mommy unfortunately) we headed back out to the playground for a little boy to do some serious running after being so still and so good all morning. We met up with a family at the playground that we have met with before and I was SO THANKFUL they were there. There are 3 children in this family and they are so sweet and such joyful children and they are so kind and ALWAYS include Zachary in their play. He had a blast! We were there for an hour and it felt like 5 minutes. They had to go and so did we, but Zachary had an absolute blast which made me SO HAPPY! Friday was a very busy but awesome day full of firsts and sweet memories!

Monday we had a playdate at my friend Stephanie's house. She has a little girl about a year older than Zachary and they had fun playing together. Her house is one of Zachary's favorite places to go. Anna Gacre was with us and she did great playing toys on the floor and just watching all the action. She actually did better than Zachary because when it was time to go HE pitched a pretty big fit. After we got home from our playdte Zachary's Mee-Mee and Grandpop came and picked him up and took him down to the lake for a few days of swimming and memory making. He always has fun down there (who wouldn't)??? He got to go to the Columbia Zoo today and will get to do some lake swimming this evening. What fun!

Anna Grace has a doctor's appointment on Thursday this week, just with her regular pediatrician so it should be a pretty easy appointment. Should be.... I'll keep you all posted!

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