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Monday, August 2, 2010

Anna Grace - August 2

We did make it to the lake on Saturday and Anna Grace did really well. She was able to meet two of her precious Aunts as well as some of her cousins and see her Mee-Mee and grandpop again. She stayed close to Mom, but she did sit on a blanket and play toys for a while and then before the end of the day both Aunts held her... just for a few minutes, but hey it's progress! We are thrilled with how well the day went. During Anna Grace's 30 minute nap (yep, that's all she took) Mommy was able to go skiing. It was so awesome I just can't even explain in words how great it felt to be on a pair of skis again. For a brief few minutes I was young and carefree again! Oh what fun! I am so thankful that we were able to go. Thank you all for praying for Anna Grace on Saturday.

I also want to share with you that Anna Grace is cutting two teeth right now. Her two middle bottom teeth both came in a couple days ago. I'm a little sad that she is going to be losing her gummy smile... it is SOOOOO cute, but I am thankful that she is growing older and one day closer to sleeping through the night.... maybe????

An update on her chylothorax..... we will be switching her to regular baby formula on Tuesaday next week (Aug 10) and then she will have a chest x-ray a few days following to see if there is any fluid building up in her lungs as a result of the fat. Please be praying that her lymphatic system is healed and that she will be able to tolerate the fat and eat regular baby formula (bye-bye Portagen). I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

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