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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anna Grace - August 17

Anna Grace's tummy has been feeling much better. As a matter of fact, she has had "normal" diapers for about 24 hours now. The winning formula....... Similac Sensitive Lactose Free!!!! Hooray!!!! So, since we are no longer "homebound" due to explosive diaper changes (literally) we have been to the library twice, the playground and the farmers market in the last 24 hours. I have been meaning to take pictures each time we go out, but can't seem to remember while I'm out and then when I get in the car I'm like... man... I forgot to take the pictures. Ugh......

Anyway..... today I want to BLOG about Zachary. This last year has been tough on him too. Although... not as tough as Anna Grace's year, but it hasn't been easy for Zachary traveling to and from Charleston and then being away from Mom and Dad so much during Anna Grace's hospital stays. Then of course the quaratine to top it off. The "wear" has been most apparent these last couple of days. Before Anna Grace's birth, Zachary & I were always on the go and one of our favorite places to go was to Storytime at the library. We would go a couple days a week and Zachary was always sitting at the front of the class, talking with EVERY child (and parent for that matter) and enthralled with the teacher. We went to storytime today for the first time in a LONG time and Zachary hung right next to me, he didn't want to sit with the other children and didn't want to sit close to the teacher. He was timid and a little scared to particpate in the dancing and clapping and other storytime activities. It made me sad for him. This journey has changed him... it has changed all of us. I am hoping that during these next 6 weeks while we're out of quarantine to get the kids out amongst people as much as possible... to let them be "normal" while we can. I am signing Zachary up for group swim lessons at the YMCA. They start in September and I am hoping that he will be comfortable to be in the pool without me and play with the other kids. I am also hoping that the chlorine will kill any germs that might be hanging out on little hands :) Should you think about it, please pray for Zachary, that the Lord will REDEEM this time and protect him during these days when things are just a little bit different than "normal". Thanks friends... and I will TRY to rmember to take some pics next time we're out to share with you!


Jennifer said...

MOPS playdate Thursday-- storytime at BS CFA!!! :) 10:30. Just FYI. Not that I can leave Lilly and come, but how cool if you could see some of your friends and let AG and Zach have fun. :)
I love your guts-- and miss you!

Stephanie Quintero said...

Awww. Bless his little heart! We will certainly pray for him. He has certainly seen his blessings this year, too! He has an amazing Anna Grace, too. We have all grown this year and just remember that His will is certainly ALL FOR OUR GOOD! Not well said but well meant!

Michelle Gosnell said...


I have definitely been praying for Zachary as well just as I pray for you and Brian when I pray for Anna Grace. Thank you for sharing with us about how he is doing as well.

I had the opportunity to share with one of our vendors from Mexico about your little Anna Grace this morning. I have one of the pix you all posted a few months ago of Anna Grace in her carrier hanging on my wall in my office - a reminder to me to pray for her and of all God has done. He asked if she was my daughter. When I explained who she is he asked if I could give him some information about the hospital where she had her surgery - doctors names, etc. I know you're very busy with Anna Grace, Zachary, the new house, etc but when you get a minute could you email me (cu96@aol.com). I will look up MUSC online and see what info I can find but thought you might be able to provide me with a little more info.

Thanks so much!