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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anna Grace - August 10

We are home from the cardiologist and let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who was praying for Anna Grace this morning. Today was nothing short of miraculous... truly. Anna Grace cooperated with her echocardiogram and EKG - we were all amazed! They were able to get some great pictures of her heart and see what needed to be seen. I am SO THANKFUL that we didn't have to schedule a sedated echo. The Lord had His calming hand on Anna Grace today.

As for her test results..... the doctor said that her EKG looked stable. He said that her echo showed that the left side of her heart is enlarged, but that is due to it having to work so hard (since it is doing all the work). He said that he expects the left side of her heart to become less enlarged the further we get from surgery so he will follow that closley. He said he was pleased and that we are where we should be at this stage of the game. We don't go back to see him for TWO MONTHS! Awesome!

As for the chlyothorax... I started her on regular baby formula on Monday (a day early, but I couldn't help myself). We go for a chest x-ray in two weeks to be sure that the chylothorax is not returning. He said that if I get suspicious of it to bring her in sooner (having trouble breathing, rapid breathing, etc).

Today was a big day and we have LOTS to be thankful for. As a matter of fact, I was crying HAPPY tears in the cardiologists office this morning. I am just so thankful... my heart is overjoyed. The Lord has shown us great mercy! Thank you Jesus :)


Susan said...

Praise the Lord Tina !! I am so happy to read this update. I prayed for Anna Grace last night and all morning. Glory be to God for calming her and letting everything go so well. What a gracious Lord. I am so happy for you all. Love you sister in Christ, Susan

PamO said...

What a great report! Glad she's doing well and we will be praying that she can continue on the regular formula. Praise be to God!
Heart hugs,

Hope said...

God's healing hand works in more than one way... I am so thankful for your "happy" day:) I am also thankful for time to see you and your little ones. I cannot wait to see the jumperoo footage!