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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anna Grace - August 13

We have been stuck in the house these last couple of days becaues Anna Grace is having some serious trouble adjusting to her new formula. It is upsetting her tummy very badly and so we have been staying close to home so that I can clean her up should the need arise (several times a day). Please be praying for her tummy. Her doctor said to give this new formula a week before switching to something new.... I have already switched her to a lactose free formula... so, we're going to stick with that at least until Monday. If her tummy is still upset come Monday I guess we'll swtich to a Soy Formula..... sigh.... poor kid.

So, since we've been stuck at home I took the liberty of taking some pics of Anna Grace in a little tu-tu that I bought her last week at a consignment sale. I have been chomping at the bit to dress her up in this and today seemed like a perfect day for it. Isn't she adorable?????

Zachary thinks it is quite silly... all he has wanted to do these last few days is play "Resue Hero Down" which consists of me pretending to be a hurt Rescue Hero and then he is the Rescue Hero who saves me. In order to do this he has to climb a mountain and collect a rare plant that will be the cure to save me. Yes... I'm serious.... we play this at least 3 or 4 times a day.

Anyway.... enjoy the pics of Anna Grace!!! You'll have to let me know which one is your favorite!





Susan said...

All 3 pictures are great, but if I have to pick one #2 looks like she is saying "it's ok, give me a hug". I can't believe I have not yet met her in person. She is such a beauty. I can see Zachary climbing to your rescue ... he is precious too.

Mrs. R said...

What adorable pics! Thanks for sharing. It is so great to hear how Anna Grace is doing. I tell our doctors about her...your blog is where I get most of the info on HRHS! I just wanted to tell you how nice it is to read your updates. Our daughter is just a few months behind in her heart journey and it's so interesting to follow yours. Mia Hope actually had her Glenn early, last tuesday. So she is catching up I guess:) So far no problems but she does need a special formula. Have you tried Nutramagin-Lipil? It is like Enfamil with no milk. Also the docs suggested for Mia Hope, Progestimil. That has no milk and no fat. So far it has been good for our daughter. You can find Nutra. at most stores(safeway,grocery stores) but you have to order the other from Walgreens or some other pharmacy. Hope she does better with what she has. We will keep praying! So glad her Glenn went well!!! Praise God for your sweet little blessing. She's adorable! Catie Rathe

Jennifer said...

No. 2 is my favorite also!!! I LOVE seeing her in her tutu, sporting her scar proudly!!! LOVE IT. :) LOVE YOU TOO. :)