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Friday, May 28, 2010

Heart Angel Maia

Maia and her parents have been on my heart and mind. With her passing I have been thinking about her little life and the brief encounters we had with Maia and her Mommy at MUSC. I first met Maia and her Mommy while Anna Grace was in the PCICU at MUSC. I was there by myself in the PCICU waiting room - PCICU was on "lock-down" for one reason or another so me and all the other parents were in the PCICU waiting room just waiting until we could go back in and see our babies. In walks a beautiful woman with georgeous red hair pushing a stroller with a sweet sleeping little girl in the stroller. I was introdcued to the red headed lady, Shannon (maia's Mom) and she shared with me that they were on 7C (the step-down floor from the PCICU) but that the walls were closing in so she put Maia in a stroller and was strolling her around the hospital and took a walk up to the PCICU waiting area to talk with some other heart Moms. I remember looking at Maia and thinking she looked so perfect - so normal. Shannon was smiling and telling me about their heart journey with HLHS. Shannon was such an encouragement to me that day as Anna Grace laid in the PCICU after her Norwood. It truly was a blessing to me to meet her and Maia. Please continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers. Thank you friends!


Susan said...

praying for Maia's family ... I don't tell you and Tina enough, but we pray for you all daily. We love you all.

Susan, Chris and Olivia :)

Michelle Gosnell said...

My friends and I are praying for Maia's family. And we continue to pray for Anna Grace, for you and Brian and for Zachary.

Michelle Gosnell