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Monday, May 3, 2010

Anna Grace - May 3

We arrived in Charleston on Sunday morning - EARLY. As a matter of fact, after Anna Grace woke up Sunday morning at 3:00 am for her bottle we fed her & then threw the kids in the car & headed to Charleston. (We didn't really throw them in the car, don't worry)! The sweet "H" family who owns the townhome where we stayed while we were here for our last hospital stay graciously is allowing us the use of their townhome again. We are SO THANKFUL to the "H" family - it is SUCH A BLESSING to be able to have a homebase while in Charleston. We spent the day at the townhome on Sunday. It was surreal coming back to Charleston. When I walked into the townhome I saw the red couch where I labored with Anna Grace before heading to the hospital to have her. There are such memories for us in that townhome, it is like a second home. It was the first time that Anna Grace has been to the townhouse (outside of my womb that is), for all her stay in Charleston was at the hospital.

So, the doctors told us that Anna Grace was not to have any food or drink after midnight. That's really tough on the little ones, so needless to say there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping last night, but she did pretty well considering. We arrived at the hospital this morning at 5:45 am and got her checked in & then headed to the 6th floor. The nurses took her vitals and then the doctors talked with us about the procedure and the risks. Ugh.....

They took her from us at about 7:30 am. We were given a pager and they will be updating us throughout the procedure today via the pager. It took them an hour to get her anesthetised (sp?) and intubated. We received our first page at 8:30 am stating that they had begun the cath. Most likely they will finish up about 11:00 am and then she'll be in recovery about 3 hours. I'll update the BLOG today as we find out more information. We may or may not be spending the night at the hospital, it all depends on how things go.

Thank you all for praying for Anna Grace and for us. It's a tough day to hand your little one over even if it is only for a heart cath.

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