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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anna Grace - May 18

Anna Grace had her cardiologist appointment today - thank you all for praying for her! She wasn't a happy camper during the visit today (which everyone in the office can testify to), but thankfully we were able to get her O2 sats and blood pressure checked. Her O2 sats are hanging out in the low 70's now (mostly 71 today). Her cardiologist said that he would recommend to Dr. Bradley for her to have surgery in June - not to push it out to July. So, hopefully we will be getting a surgery date scheduled very soon. He said to start preparing for the family to go to Charleston in June. I will keep you posted on a surgery date when it gets scheduled.

Something else to be in prayer about.... Anna Grace is truly a Momma's girl. She gets very upset when people even look at her (hence all the crying at the cardiologist office) and VERY upset when someone else holds her. When we get to Charleston she is going to have to be handeled by lots of different people - nurses, doctors, etc and I am not always going to be able to be with her. Please be praying for the Lord to comfort her and calm this fear in her.

Anna Grace has her 4 month well-baby visit tomorrow (we're about a month behind on this) and most likely this will be her last appointment with her regular pediatrician until after Charleston.

By the way, Anna Grace weighed in today at 13 pounds 2 ounces and is 24 inches long. She is growing at a very steady rate and thus far we have not had to "fortify" my breast milk - which is common for heart babies prior to their Glenn to boost their weight. She is still on straight up breast milk and I am thankful for that! Overall, today has been a great day!

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