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Monday, May 31, 2010

Anna Grace Update - May 31

So, since we have only been in "partial quarantine" these last few weeks a yucky virus has gotten into our home. It is a cold virus and Mommy got it and then Zachary got it and despite our best efforts to wash hands, Anna Grace got it. She started with a yucky cough on Saturday which progressed on Sunday and caused us to take her to the pediatrician today (Monday). So far her lungs are clear of pneumonia - Praise the Lord - but we are on the watch for it over the next 72 hours or so. They have started her on antibiotics which she will begin today. The timing of this is pretty tricky, because if she is sick at all 10 days prior to her surgery (June24) then they will have to reschedule her surgery. So, please join us in praying that (1) this cold does not turn into pneumonia, (2) she is able to fight this cold and be completley done with it BEFORE the 10 day window which would require us to postpone her surgery.

Needless to say we are now back in 100% quarantine until after her surgery. I am a little sad about this, but see the importance of keeping our little one well so am willing to do whatever it takes.

Prayer warriors - we need you!

P.S. - We have a cardiologist appointment tomottorw (Tues) so please be praying that her echo tomorrow will show good heart function despite her cold & cough and that her O2 sats are still holding steady in the 70's.

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,
Just wanted to let you know our family prays for Anna Grace each day! I keep up with yall through this blog and am so thankful Sarah & Iwere able to get to know you a little in Charleston. We pray everything will work out for her surgery & know our little church here in NH are praying for each of you ~what a privilege. Much love in Christ,Katie O