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Monday, May 3, 2010

Anna Grace - May 3 - Update #3

Sorry for the delay in getting this last post out. The heart cath went great today - thank you Jesus! The doctor who performed the cath said that the pressures in her heart look great for surgery #2. He did not have to put in any balloons (aka angioplasty) nor did he have to put in any plugs (aka coils). He said he would make a surgical recommendation to Dr. Bradley and that in his estimation she would most likely be having her surgery in June. Of course, Dr Bradley will make the final determiniation of a surgery date. Dr. Bradley is out this week so I imagine that it will be a few weeks before we get a surgery scheduled. It was great gettng these results today and we sincerely appreciate you praying for our Anna Grace. The Lord has truly shown great mercy and we are thankful.

The delay in this post was mostly because our little one was NOT happy when she woke up from her anesthesia. She creid and cried and finally calmed down being rocked in Mommy's arms - once she fell askeep in my arms I wasn't going to put her down & risk waking her :) Since things went so well with the cath today and Anna Grace did great we were released from the hospital today. We are at the townhouse for the night and getting ready to crash out after a long day.

Please continue to pray for Anna Grace - that her body will heal quickly from the cath and that she starts to feel better soon. Also, plese join us in praying for wisom and discernment for Dr. Bradley as her reviews all of this new information and determines a surgery date and a plna of "attack" for Anna Grace's second surgery.

Our plans are to travel home from Charleston either Tuesday or Wednesday - it will really depend on how Anna Grace is feeling - we are flexible on when we travel back home. Thank you Jesus!!!

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Stephanie Quintero said...

Ya'll are so blessed. Thank you Jesus for your merciful strength in Anna Grace and her family!