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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pictures from Cardiology

So, a couple of posts ago I told you all about our recent cardiology visit where Anna Grace surprised us all by cooperating so well because we let her brother go first.  So, since the appointment went SO well I was able to take some pictures, you know, instead of holding down my screaming baby.  Seriously, it was such an amazing appointment.  So, here are some pictures from that AMAZING day!

 This is our smiling girl in the waiting area of Dr. R's office just hanging out and playing toys. 

Here is our princess getting her blood pressure checked.  What you don't see of course is that her brother has already had his blood pressure checked which promted her to say "I do it too".

After a weight check, O2 sat check, height check and blood pressure check we were ushered into our exam room to wait for our turn in the echo room.  The kids made themselves at home playing toys while we waited.  You can see that they had AG change into a hospital gown, which she normally will not tolerate, but for this appointment it was all good :)

Our amazing Zachary is such a big boy he offered to take my picture with AG.  What a thoughtful little guy :)

So here we are still wiating for our turn in the echo room.  You might not be able to tell, but Zachary is holding fruit snacks.  These are coveted treats for my kids and you can tell AG is eyeing her brother's snacks.  She of course has already eaten hers.

I was able to get Zachary to take our picture in the echo room while AG was sitting on my lap getting her echo.  You can see she is camly sitting back letting the nurse do her thing.  It was such an amazing appointment!  I wanted to get some pictures of our beloved Dr. R, but my camera battery died right after this picture was taken.  I'll be sure to get him next time though :)

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Heather Siebens said...

This was my awesome dry humor I love and use daily!! Your kiddo has been thru so much, since birth. Those young years sure need that comfort that it's ok to get near all those monster machines!! I'm very proud of you all!! She looks so healthy - as if there was never an issue!! That is totally God stoked on your prayers and true steadfast faith in all He was going to do with her!! I remember those pics from birth days, months of fixing her heart- and years that came! I see this and am in awe of His working!! Amazing God! Precious child!! Bless you all!!