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Friday, July 6, 2012

Homeschooling Update and Field Trip Pictures

I haven't talked much about homeschooling since I said we were going to do it.  We started homeschooling about 6 weeks ago and it has gone rather well.  Better than I thought it would actually.  Don't get me wrong, there have been some rough days, but overall it is going well and I think we will be able to work through the rough patches.

It's funny how, as a Mom, you plan things out in your head, and then you have to adjust accordingly because kids do not always DO what you have in your head.  For example.... I'm one of those people who would rather sit down and work hard for "x" amount of time and just get all my work done.  Then the work is done and you can enjoy your day.  That's how I thought school would go - however, my little boy can't just sit at the work table to work continuously so..... I have adjusted our school day to consist of a subject, then a play break,  subject, then a play break, a subject then a play break.  You get the idea.  It does drag the school day out longer than I had hoped, but we do get lots of playing time so overall the day stays pretty relaxed and Zachary seems to do better.  Anna Grace also likes it better too since she loves playing with her brother.

I mentioned before that we have joined a homeschool co-op called Classical Conversations here in our area.  Along with doing the same cirriculum as the other families involved in Classical Conversations, the group also gets together once a week to do school together and we also do field trips together once a month.  So, even though school is offiicially OUT for the homeschool group the field trips don't stop just because it's summer.  So, last month the group planned a field trip to a local fire department and we were able to attend that.  I don't know how many kids came.... at least 40.  It was a good time.  I would have liked to have talked with some of the other Moms more during the field trip, but AG was not cooperating and just wanted DOWN so mostly I was holding her and telling her "shhhhhh" or "don't touch" or "sit on your bottom".  No one would have EVER thought she had a heart condition with as much energy as she was using just trying to escape my cluthes so she could go exploring!  She was NOT HAPPY with me confining her to my lap or hip.  However, Zachary had a blast at the fire station and had fun being around the other kids and he behaved beautifully :)

I was able to take some pictures of our field trip.  I'm not sure what the next field trip will be, but I am really glad that even as homeschoolers we still get to participate in group activites with other kids and families.  It's fun and it's good for all of us.

Overall, I am very pleased with our decision to homeschool and I am excited to begin this journey :)

In front of the fire station was this bronze sculpture of a fireman.  They both ran right to it SO excited to finally be going on the field trip to the Fire Station!

 There is always talk about a fire station have a "fire dog" and this station was no exception, except their fire dog was a statue :)  The kids were still so excited to get to see a fire dog!

Part of the presentation was the fireman putting on all his gear so that the kids could see what a fireman would look and sound like if they were ever in a fire and needed to be rescued.  Zachary was fascinated but a little timid once his mask was on and he was breathing through it.  He sounded very muffleled and a little like Darth Vadar.  Anna Grace was terrified of him once he put on his full uniform.  I don't think that I have ever seen a fireman with full gear on so it was really good for me to see as well.  Those guys have to carry around A LOT of gear!

After the presentation and tour of the fire house the kids were allowed to explore the fire trucks - this of course was the MOST EXCITING part of the morning!

Zachary couldn't wait to sit in the fire truck and pretend to drive.  His turn wasn't nearly long enough!

Each of the kids got to take home their very own fire hat.  It was so nice of the fire department to give the kids something to take home and remember their day with.  We had a great time and the fire fighters who spoke with us that day were awesome.  They are truly HEROS!!!!

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