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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Back... Kinda'

I'm still officially on a break from blogging, but I did want to let you all know that we heard from MUSC yesterday and the surgeon at MUSC would like to try to wait until August to do Anna Grace's next surgery, the Fontan. So, the plan right now is that her cardiologist is going to follow her closley throughout the summer and as long as she remains stable then the plan will be surgery in August. Right now her sats are hanging out at about 75 so I think that is the big thing they are going to be watching for.

So, we are planning a few family vacations this summer to have fun and make some memories together before surgery. It will be nice not to have to restrict swimming this summer because lets face it... its the south. It's hot here in the summer and it is almost impssible to play outside in the summer in the south without getting in the water... pool... lake.... sprinkler.... whatever. So, that is certainly a positive about having an August surgery.

Oh... I also want to update you about the 5K race that I am helping to plan. You may remember the race is coming up on April 14. This is the first 5K that Palmetto Hearts has ever planned and no one was really sure how many people/runners to expect. The committee has hopeful that we would have about 150 registered runners for the event. I am hapy to report that as of today there are 253 registered runners for the Palmetto Hearts 5K Walk and Run. Isn't that amazing??? We are expecting more people to come to the "festival" as well so we are really planning for abour 400 people to show up on race day. This has far exceeded any of our expectations and we are so thankful and humbeled by the support our friends, family and the community has shown to our heart babies. Truly we are thankful and so grateful. We are excited about the race, and to be honest I am a little nervous about all the details coming together! We are praying for God's blessing of terrific weather and for a safe fun filled race day! Thank you spedifically to my friends and family who have registered and helped and volunteered. It has meant to much to me. Truly.

Thank you for continuing to check our BLOG even though I am not really officially blogging right now. Thank you also for continuing to pray for Anna Grace.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

WHOO-HOO for 253 registered runners! AMAZING!!! :)

I will be praying for a smooth race and a FUN -FILLED summer!!!

Love your GUTS---- Jenn