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Friday, March 2, 2012

At MUSC - The Waiting Game

We are currenlty at MUSC and Anna Grace is having her heart cath as I type this post. It has been quite a day already!

We arrived in Chalreston last night around 9:00 pm. The sweet family who loaned us their vacation home during Anna Grace's Norwood and Glenn also loaned us their vacation home for this cath. My parents also drove down with us to help take care of Zachary and to be here as support for Anna Grace and for us. After a couple hours last night it was way passed time to turn in, but Anna Grace was not having any of it. I'm not sure how long she cried for, but it took her a while to wind down. It was late. None os us slept well. We got up early and arrived at the hospital at 7:15 am as instructed.

After checking in with admitting we headed up to the cath lab and checked in with them. They were able to obtain oxygen saturation on her (80) and also a blood pressure. They wanted an EKG, but they didn't realize it was Anna Grace they were dealing with. She wasn't cooperating so they said they would wait until after she had her Versed. A cardiologist that we had never met before came in to talk with us about yet another study they wanted Anna Garce to be a part of. After explaing to us the study and the risks we decided not to partake in this study. It's hard to make this kind of decision on the fly.

Then we began waiting..... Anna Grace was a trooper even having no food, water or milk. However, she is Anna Grace and we had to start strolling the halls until the playroom opened at 10. After the playroom opened Zachary and the grandparents came to the hospital and played with us in the playroom until the nurse came to get us and told us it was time.

After returning to the cath lab she was given a full dose of Versed which is a sleepy, good feeling medicine. But, it didn't phsae Anna Grace. She was still walking around saying she wanted to go for a walk. Hmmmm... so after anesthesia had a look for themselves they authorized an additional medicine, Ketamine (sp?) which was given on top of the Versed. It finally did calm her, but never made her sleepy. They finally were able to take her around noon. She wasn't screaming when they took her, but she was whining.

We were told the cath should take 3-4 hours. We have had two updates so far. The first update was that they had completed the sedated echo. The second update was that they had the catheters in place and were taking measurements. This time they are placing a catheter in her groin (arterial access) and one the right side of her neck (venous access).

We still don't know if we'll have to spend the night. It will all depend on what they have to do while in there. I will try to post more later, however, knowing Anna Grace, she is going to wake up from this cath mad as a hornet so it is unlikely that I will be able to make a post becaue it will be a full time job keep her calm and still. I was told she would have to be calm and still for two hours after the cath. Uh.... she's two AND she's Anna Grace. I talked with Anesthesia directly and explained to them her temperment and asked that anxiety medicine go ahead and be ordered from the pharmacy so that it would be there and ready when she comes out of anesthesia. They said they would go ahead and order it. That should help.

Thank you all for praying for her. Considering everything, she did remarkably well this morning and only asked for milk once. She was easily distracted with toys and bubbles. She remained relatively happy unless someone was directly messing with her. Other than all the waiting so far the morning has gone smoothly. We are trusting the Lord with the timing and results of this cath. I will post again when I am able.

Grace to you!

P.S - They just sent me a new update. They are ballooning her left pulmonary artery. Looks like we'll be spending the night.

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PamO said...

Hey Tina,
We are continuing to lift you all up to the Lord!
Love ya!