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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Doctor Appointment

Anna Grace had her 18 month well-baby visit on Wednesday. She still does NOT like the doctor - or the nurses for that matter. But she did much better overall this visit than she has ever done before. Usually she starts crying as soon as we walk into the doctor's office and doesn't stop crying until we leave. This time, she only cried when the doctor and nurses were in the room with us - not when we were alone and waiting. It is progress, not much, but hey - I'll gladly take any little bit of progress Anna Grace makes!

So, as for her appointment - she was in the 80th precentile in height and the 70th percetile in weight and she is hitting all of her milestones just as any NORMAL baby would. Isn't that just a miracle???? Thank you Lord for your mercy and your blessing on Anna Grace! I also thank all of you whou have so faithfully prayed for Anna Grace throughout the journey of her little life. The Lord has certainly blessed her and we sincerely appreciate you Prayer Warriors who walk this journey with us.

Anna Grace also had three vaccinations at this appointment. Now, I know that vaccinating your child has become quite controversial these days. But, for our family we feel that the best thing to do is to vaccinate. As a result of the vaccinations Anna Grace ran a small fever and has been a little crabby over the last few days, but has not appeared to have any other side effect from the vaccinations she received. We are so thankful for that! Please continue praying for her little body as it processes the medicine - that she would not develop any serious side effect as a result.

During our well-baby visit the doctor and I were able to talk about the upcoming winter and Synagis. Her doctor feels that she really should have one more year of Synagis and he is going to be contacting our insurance company and trying to get their approval for one more year of Synagis. Should they approve the Synagis, then she will begin getting those injections in October and they will continue through until April. As you all know, I have a love/hate relationship with Synagis. I love that the medicine is available and the added protection it gives from RSV - but the monthly injections do not help my daughter's love of doctor's or people. I will keep you posted on what the insurance company says about Synagis for Anna Grace. Without their approval we can not afford the $3,600 per month price tag so your prayers for the Lord's favor regarding this would be much appreciated.

I would also like to ask you to begin praying now for Anna Grace's upcoming cardiology appointment. It is in 10 days and if you remember she did not do well during her last cardiology visit. So, please be praying that the Lord will calm her so that the doctor can get a good echo on her. He really needs to get a good look at her heart and we need Anna Grace's cooperation in order to do this. Thank you all for beginning to pray about this now.

Here is a little video from Anna Grace's well baby visit. It was just me, Zachary and Anna Grace in the room at this time. We were still waiting for the doctor to come in. As you can see, she was not crying and she was having a decent time while she waited - I had a DVD playing and a bag of toys to help during the wait!

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