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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Synagis and Boxed Hair Color

If you have been following our BLOG you know that Anna Grace has been getting her monthly injections of Synagis since November. Synagis is a medicine given by injection to help her develop antibodies to fight against RSV should she contract it. It is not a vaccinaation against RSV as no vaccination exists, but should she contract RSV while taking Synagis her body should be able to fight it a little better. Anyway, Synagis is a medication that is not really offered to the general public simply due to the cost. Her Synagis injections are $3,500 a month. Yes you read that right. She has to have a total of 5 injections over the course of the winter with a grand total cost for Synagis being $17,500 (if my math is correct). Anyway, thankfully our insurance has said they will pay for majority of the cost for Synagis. This is wonderful news and we are thankful. However, our monthly co-pay for Synagis is $200 per month. Really, it's not much money considering how much Synagis costs each month.

I've been trying to think of some luxury items I can give up to help off-set the cost of Synagis. The first thing that came to mind was hair color and highlights. Becaue I have an ENORMOUS amount of grey hair I get my hair colored about every 6 weeks to cover my grey. (Let me just say here that I am NOT old enough to have as much grey hair as I have - it's genetic - we grey early in my family. Seriously). The highlights are just a little extra thrown in there every 4 or 5 months to keep it looking "fresh". Anyway... I have given up the professional hair coloring during Synagis months because lets face it - it's not a necessity, it really is a luxury item.

But, since I'm not ready to "go grey" yet I went out and bought a box of hair color. The haircolor I bought was a permanent hair color - Hydriance by Clairol. The color... a medium brown called "Driftwood". I think they should have come up with a more luxurious name... like "Warm Sable" or "Rich Chocolate"..... but nope... it's just "Driftwood" which if I'm not mistaken is a piece of rotten wood that fell off a tree into the water. Am I right? Anyway..... I box colored my hair this morning and it colored everything fine EXCEPT my grey roots. Which of course was the whole reason for coloring in the first place. Well... it's not entirely true, it did color the grey roots, but not consistent with the rest of my hair.

So, if anyone has any coloring suggestions or tips for resistant grey please let me know because I am open to giving them a try in 6 weeks when I do this again. It really is kind of funny and who knows.... maybe I will perfect the art of boxed hair coloring and never go back to the pricey salon again....... If I figure out the secret I will be sure to share it here with you!


Anonymous said...

I hope I can leave this post anonymous. I am the queen of hair color. I too gave up hair color almost 2 years ago. Boxed color is NEVER as good as professional. You have to do it a LOT more often. But, for $9 who can beat it? You will get better results if you color the gray first, anywhere it is visible, sideburns, parts, etc. 10 minutes on roots and visible areas, then all over for the full time, mine is 25 minutes.

I follow the directions for a first time color every time. I never do the "root touch up"

Anonymous said...

Use Loreal instead of Clairol! I, too, am an early-grayer... and have been coloring since the ripe old age of 25. I like the Excellence cream. You have to leave it on for the full 30 minutes on the roots and then an extra 10 on the rest of the head. That is the only way it really covers! :)

my life: said...

I googled Synagis and your blog came up...so I apologize that I am not a "reader"...however, our synagis was $10,000 the first month and just over $11,ooo the second. Our baby is 20lb...this seems outrageous to me! I'm sure your little one weighs less..but still, it's good to know I'm not crazy for second guessing the price.
Thanks for the post!