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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nursery....

I want to share with you a little bit about Anna Grace's nursery. Last year, when we were still expecting Anna Grace there was just so much unknown about her condition and what life would be like for her outside of my womb. Like so many other heart Moms, I wasn't sure if we would ever be able to bring our little baby home from the hospital. I was hopeful and that was what I wanted, but......

So, as much as I wanted to prepare a nursery for her... I didn't want to prepare too much because I couldn't bear the thought of preparing my little girl's nursery and her never being able to sleep there. I know, I know.... there are probably many of you reading this right now thinking that sounds ridiculous... don't think like that, etc.... but that is how I felt... as much as I hate to admit it.

So, I found some pretty neutral green crib bedding... we set up the crib, changing table and rocking chair and put the new crib bedding in the crib and that was it. There really wasn't anything on the wall.... it was functional, but that was all. Not cozy.

So fast forward a little bit and we were able to bring Anna Grace home from the hospital. It was nothing short of a miracle and our littel girl was coming home! You would think at that time I would have started to decroate her room a little bit - but truthfully, if she was awake she was crying. She cried a lot. It was overwhelming. She was also vomiting quite a bit and none of us were sleeping. So decorating was really the last thing from my mind. One of my friends gave Anna Grace a special homecoming gift.... she hand painted a picture for Anna Grace's room. For quite some time it was the only thing that hung on her wall.

So here we are... almost a year later and things have settled down quite a bit. Our little girl is crawling around and SOOOOO close to walking. She is happy and smiley and very rarely cries anymore. She's still not the greatest sleeper.... but all in all things are pretty settled for us. So, I have been thinking about her nursery. I really want her to have a proper nursery fit for a beautiful little miracle of a girl. So.... I bought her some new crib bedding (in pink of course) and all the "trimmings" to go with it.

We are HOPEFULLY going to be moving into our new home in the next couple of weeks and when we do I will set up her new pink little girls room. How exciting. I will be sure to share pictures once we get in and settled. What a journey!

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