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1 Chronicles 29:11

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have a friend...

I have a friend named Michelle. I am so thankful for her. She is not a heart mom, however she is a mom and we have been friends for about 5 years or so. She is such a blessing to me - she was a blessing before I became a heart mom, but even more since I have become a heart mom. She has walked this journey with me. I can see why many heart moms blog about their friendships falling away once they became heart moms. I am sure there are lots of reasons why that happens. Specifically for me, since I have become a heart mom, my relationship with Michelle has become very one sided. It's always me calling her needing to talk, vent, cry, etc and her listening - offering advice and comfort. Any time of the day or night. It used to not be this way - I actually used to have conversations with her and ask about her and her family (like a "normal" friendship) - but for the last year most of our conversations have focused on me - or Anna Grace or some medical decision or procedure and I have just needed to talk... and talk. Again, I can totally see why so many friendships and family relationships fall apart during the heart journey. I hope it will not always be this way.... since things have started to settle for us a little bit I am hoping to find my way back to "normaL" in this area of my life. It is hard fnding my way back to "normal" - in lots of areas, this included. But of course, I am changed now by this journey. So perhaps "normal" is hard to find because my "new normal" won't look like my "old normal". Does that make any sense? Nevertheless, I have a friend.... her name is Michelle.... and I am thankful for her.


CHD Fighter said...

I'm glad your friendship has endured ... as a 28 year CHD survivor I have had the same issues that I feel some heart mom's have ... I also lost my child to CHD (she was born sleeping after being diagnosed) and I lost almost all my friends ... I am glad you have a friend named Michelle!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you have Michelle, and I'm glad I have you. :):):) Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, and adapt to different seasons. I've had lots of friendships go dormant during this season I've been in for 3 years now, and some have continued to grow steadily along in the background, and one or two have florished and blossomed. I am most grateful for my "friend that sticks closer than a brother"-- My Jesus has been what carries me through--- as I know He is for you too. You are loved, Tina. Thanks for being my friend. :)