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Friday, November 19, 2010

Accident... Good-bye Tooth

So, yesterday the kids and I were at the park enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. We were walking through the forest and Zachary was doing some "work". He was carrying a pretty good sized rock in his hands to move it to just the right spot for his "work" to be complete. Then.... he slipped on the leaves and CRASH hit his face on the rock he was carrying. There was blood everywhere AND there was a tooth missing. One of his top front teeth. So there we were in the forest. I had Anna Grace on my hip and Zachary was screaming and there was blood gushing everywhere. So, I picked Zachary up. He was on my left hip. Anna Grace was on my right and I ran. I ran to my car as fast as I could. Got everyone buckeled in their car seats (amidst uncontrollable sreaming from both kids) and started driving while calling the pediatrician's office to find out what to do. (I know... I know... not the safest thing to do).

Unfortunately, it was lunch time so I had to then call the answering service. They told me to go to the dentist. So... I called my hubby and told him to meet me at the bookstore because I couldn't remember how to tell him to get to the dentist office. He met me at the bookstore and followed me to the dentist. They were closed until 2:00 for lunch. Ugh... so we caravaned back to our house and we put Zachary in the shower to wash some of the blood off and get a better look at the damage.

At 2:00 we called the dentist and they said to bring him in for xrays. So, Brian and Zachary went to the dentist. The xray showed that he had not fractured his jaw (so good), but that the tooth had not broken off like we thought. It had been pushed back up into his gum. Owwww. He also busted his lip and chin pretty good as well. The dentist said they were going to leave it alone right now but we are to watch for any signs of infection. If there is, then the tooth will have to be removed. There may or may not be damage to his permanent tooth. They said we won't know until it comes in... or that it may not come in at all. There is no way to know. The dentist said that his baby tooth will eventually come back down out of his gum and that when it does it will be black and possibly mishapen and then he will eventually lose it.

Also, we were informed that he could NOT under any circumstances suck his thumb. He is an AVID thumb sucker and blankie holder (the two go hand in hand). Ugh... so we bought thumb guards to put on his hands to keep him from sucking his thumb and we took the blankie away. Let's just say last night was rough. He hasn't really eaten anything but he has had a few sips of water. We have a scheduled dentist appointment on Wednesday for them just to look and see next week after some of the swelling has gone down. Poor little guy.

His little baby smile is forever gone and now he looks like a rough and tumble little boy... actually like a little hockey player. I was encouraged to find out that my hubby did the exact same thing when he was three years old and that his permanent tooth came in without damage. (Like Father like Son I guess). I am praying it will be the same for Zachary. So now we just have to pray for no infection and be patient for his little mouth and face to heal. He may look like his Mommy, but he is certainly his father's son! I will try to post some pics of his sweet little face in a few days. I asked him today if I could take a picture and he said no, it hurts too much.

Here is a temporary image (for effect)until I can add his real picture

My husabnd's mother also informed me that when Brian was little he jumped out of his bedroom window (at about Zachary's age). I am hoping that Zachary does not try that one as well. I don't think my nerves could stand it!

Oh... and today is my birthday. 35 today.


Laura said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!!! Also, I am so sorry to hear about Zachary. It sounds like an awful day and I will pray for healing for the little guy.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday!!! Poor Zachary. I hope he starts feeling better soon and there is no damage to the permanent tooth.