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Friday, February 5, 2010

Anna Grace - February 5

Today Anna Grace an appointment with her cardiologist, Dr R. The appointment consisted of vitals, an EKG and an echocardiogram. It all showed that everything looked thae same as it did in Charleston so that was good. No medication changes & no activity changes (I thought that was funny since she is a newborn)! It was great to see Dr. R again and formally introduce him to Anna Grace. He was following her while she was in-utero and it truly was wonderful to finally get to present her to him outside of the womb! We are thrilled that he is the doctor who is going to be helping us take care of our daughter. So, we see him again in 2 weeks - and that will be our pattern until her 2nd open heart surgery - see Dr. R every two weeks - unless there is a problem in which case we will see him sooner. Praying that is NOT going to be the case :)

So, after her doctor appointment & the family was settled at home I thought I would take advantage of Mee-Mee's last day with us & run an errond. I needed to go ahead & have her prescriptions transferred from MUSC to a local pharmacy. So, I went by CVS and they told me they couldn't fill her prescriptions. They told me to try Ford Drugs. So... I went to Ford Drugs and they told me they couldn't fill her prescriptions. They told me to try the hospital outpatient pharmacy. So, off I went to the hospital. After talking with the pharmacist there, she ASSURED me that they would be able to fill her prescriptions there and I was thankful to have found a place close by that we could get the needed prescriptions for Anna Grace. Since her prescriptions have to be "compounded" just not any pharmacy can take care of us. We are SPECIAL :) So... to any & all heart Moms out there with new single-ventricle babies (rare as we may be).... go straight to your hospital pharmacy to get your prescripstions filled - your local pharmacy will probably NOT be able to do this for you :)

I am home now, Mee-Mee has left to go back to her home so it is just me and the kids here. I have to admit, it is a little intimidating. I'm in charge????????? Glad today is Friday & Daddy will be home with us for a couple of days :)


Anonymous said...

Meemee so much enjoyed being with Zachary and Anna Grace this week. I had a good time and loved every minute, even when AG was fussy. God is so good to bless our family with such a special little girl. Praying that God is preparing her body to tolerate Mommy's special milk in three weeks. Praying that Zachary will be obedient for Mom in coming days.

Anonymous said...

there is a compounding pharmacy on drayton rd. by hardees at hillcrest. it is called shertech pharmacy. fyi in case u need a back up.