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Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling for Freezer Ready Recipes

Hello friends,

In all of the list making & preparation I have been doing recently I thought I should add to one of my lists to prepare some casseroles or meals to put in the freezer than my husband could EASILY pop into the oven for a meal during the time that I will be in Charleston with Anna Grace. I'm not really sure how long I will be gone and I don't want my husband & son eating McDonalds for two months straight! I have a few recipes of "freezer worthy" casseroles, but if you have a recipe or two that you think freezes well and is "husband friendly" for the cooking then I would certainly welcome your recipes. Thanks for your help my friends!!!

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Jennifer B said...

Hi there, Jennifer Colaluca forwarded me your blog as I have walked a very similar journey - and after reading your blog, had the same doctors so, hopefully, I can provide some insight to you of the process, Charleston, etc. Our son was diagnosed with Truncous Arteriosis at a 20-week ultrasound conducted by Dr. Greig. We met with Dr. Rauniker the following week and he confirmed the diagnosis. We talked with Dr. R about our options and where we should go - with MUSC on our minds as a last resort. Well, we followed up with Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta and each said, "If Dr. Bradley at MUSC can perform your surgery, you should go nowhere else." Well, we still weren't convinced - I'm from this state and know the educational issues :-) However, Dr. R begged us to at least go down there for a site visit and to get a 2nd opinion. We prayed all the way to Charleston for God to simply give us a sign. Well, at dinner the night we got down there, this nice waitress noticed how fat I was (I was carrying twins by the way) and mentioned, "I hope you never have to use MUSC, but I did and they are great! My daughter was born with her intestine outside of her body so I had to deliver there and they had to do her surgery immediately. It was great and everyone was so nice." Well, the next morning as we sat in the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, the lady sitting next to us started chatting and she mentioned that her son had a severe heart defect and she had visited hospitals all up and down the Southeast coast only to move her family to Charleston so that he could have the best care she had found. Well, that was helpful, too. My husband and I were both looking up at the heavens and smiling. We went in for our 2nd opinion ultrasound and low and behold, the pulmonary artery was there so our diagnosis actually changed from Truncus Arteriosis to Tetrology of Fallot - still a major heart defect but one less complicated (as if any of them are not complicated). I, too, met with the OBs at the clinic there and they treated me as if there would be no problem with me transferring down there closer to my due date so that the best team would be assembled for our son.

Well, as soon as we were back in Greenville, I started to experience pre-term labor and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I asked Dr. Greig, "If i were your daughter and you knew the road that lies ahead, what would you tell her to do?" He simply replied, "Well, I would pack up and go gestate near the beach in Charleston." That was on a Friday - on Sunday, the car was loaded and we headed south. We rented a house downtown and got situated with the OB staff and the cardiologists. We were seen weekly by the OBs and monthly by the cardiologists. My c-section was scheduled for 38 weeks (because it was twins) and I made it to my due date. There was an army of people in the OR - a few for me, a few for my baby girl, and ALOT for my little boy. He was whisked away to the NICU for immediate attention. It was sad but I was prepared as I knew that they needed to confirm the severity of his condition as soon as possible to determine the best course of action.

He had a shunt put in at 9 days and he spent 1 month in the hospital. We recently returned to MUSC for his complete repair of Tetrology back in February 09. He did terrific and we were home in 5 days ... truly a miracle. To look at him now, you would never know. I know that Anna Grace has a much longer road ahead of her but I can truly tell you that you are blessed to live in this great state with the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in the world and a great, spiritual cardiologist to keep tabs on her when she gets back to Greenville.

If I can be of ANY help, PLEASE do not hesitate! I can give you all the insight you need and give you some comfort as the days near. You can reach me by email at bloodwos@charter.net or by phone at 213-9830.

We will add Anna Grace to our prayer list; we pray each night for our "heart buddies"!

In Him,
Jennifer Bloodworth