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Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning Doctor Appointment

It has been a week since I posted and I apologize for that!  Last week was a bit crazy.  After hearning back from Dr R about how to handle AG's cold, I came down with the stomach virus!!!!!  How does someone who is in quarantine catch the stomach virus??? I'm not sure, but I had it and then AG had it.  Brian and Zachary seem to have been spared the misery of the stomach virus thankfully.  As far as stomach viruses go, it wasn't as terrible as the infamous "Stomach Virus of Spring 2011" and I am SOOOOO thankful for that!  AG and I seem to have weathered the stomach virus just fine.

Saturday morning the family woke up and NO ONE was sick with the stomach virus so we loaded up and headed down to the lake for some fun in the sun :)  It was so great to be outside, visting with grandparents and tooling around in the boat on the lake.  The weather was pretty warm... 75 so it was cool but not cold.  Just perfect.  And we all needed the time out of the house and outside.  It was great for family morale :)

Sunday we stayed inside most of the day with the exception of Brain and Zachary going mountain bike riding for an hour or so.

Zachary woke up this morning saying that his ear was "stopped up" and then AG started saying that her ear was hurting.  They both still have the tail end of their colds and since I am supposed to be calling Dr R tomorrow to discuss keeping the Nov 9 surgery date or postponing it I figured that a visit to our beloved pediatrician Dr Y was in order.  So, Tuesday morning we have 8:30 am doctor appointments with Dr Y for ear checks.  Honestly, I think everyones ears are fine, but with such a big surgery coming up there is no since in playing the guessing game, so I will have Dr Y give AG a full exam and then help guide us in making this big decision.

Please be praying for us to stay well after our visit to the doctor office (it is the germiest place on Earth) and for clear direction with a decision to keep or postpone surgery.  We of course want what is best for AG so whatever timing the Lord has for this we are truly, truly fine with.

Oh... one more prayer request.... we woke up today to find our heat out.  We called the heat repair people who told us we need a new outside unit and that the fan on our air handler is out.  They're supposed to be calling us with a price quote to get these two things replaced.  Please pray with us that these items can be replaced soon and at a fair price.  In the mean time, I am thankful for a well insulated home and fuzzy blankets :)

Praying friends.... we sincerely appreciate and covet your prayers!


Jennifer said...

Bless it! I am so sorry about the heat! I can relate!!! Let me know if you want a 2nd heat quote-- we highly recommend the company that re-did our heating and air last spring!
Praying those ears are "all better" in the AM, and also praying a headge of protection around you in the Dr. office!!!
Love you friend!

Cathy VM said...

You can also call Davis heating air and ask for Brian Davis. Tell him that you are friend of mine and that you are also a heart mom. Hopefully he will take care of you. If nothing else, they are a fair and honest