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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cardiology & Quarantine

Anna Grace had a cardiology visit on Tuesday.  She didn't cooperate as well as last time, but she did OK during the visit.  There was no echo this visit, so it was much quicker than last time.  The only thing that changed from last time was that her O2 sats were 85 this week.  So WAY up from the last visit.  Dr. R said that these heart kids are very sensitive and that if she had a little cold or hadn't had enough water to drink or any small thing could affect her sats and make them drop.  So, no real explination as to why they were so low last time, but on Tuesday they were 85 and I was thankful :)

So, Dr. R went through the Fontan surgical explination with me one more time.  Basically, Dr. B will attach her inferior vena cave to her pulmonary artery.  Dr B will also have to do a pulmonary patch-plasty on her pulmonary artery where they found the "kink" during the heart cath.  The Fontan that Dr B will do will be a lateral tunnel and he will put an ASD acculuder from the lateral tunnel to her right atrium as a "pop off" for overflow.  In 6 months if scar tissue has not closed the ASD acculuder (aka a fenestration) then she will need a heart catherization to close the fenestration in about 6 months - 1 year.

Dr R also told me when to stop her medications and he gave me the prayer line number to his Church and told me to call them and have his Church praying for AG.  (I guess the doctor/patient confidentiality won't let him do it).  So, it was bitter-sweet to walk out of his office Tuesday monring - I know we won't see him again until after the heart surgery.  He is such a great docotr, I wish he could go to MUSC and do this with us!

Tuesday was also our last day with our homeschool co-op.  They were all so sweet and got us an awesome care package of goodies to take to the hospital with us and some spending money to use while we're there.  A most unusual gift that they gave us...... a crayfish dissection kit and an owl pellet dissection kit.  Those are two of the Science experiments that we are going to miss during our quarantine and hospital visit.  I know Zachary will be VERY excited about those gifts - although I have to admit that I was really glad when Brian told me that he would be happy to do the experiments with Zachary.  (I was really not looking forward to the crayfish dissection)!  But the group was so very supportive and loving and some of the children drew pictures and handmade bracelets for the kids.  It was just so very touching and humbling to me.  I am truly thankful for this group of families to be doing school with :)

So Wednesday (yesterday) began our quarantine in preparation for surgery.  Of course, to begin our quarantine Zachary has come down with a cold.  Yesterday he started sneezing and then started with a super runny nose.  I fully anticipate Anna Grace to get the cold since we are all trapped here in the house together, but with 3 weeks until surgery I feel pretty confident that even if she gets the cold it will be able to run its course with time to spare before surgery.  But please, if you think about it, pray that she wonj't even get the cold and that we can all stay healthy for the remainder of our period of quarantine.

So, I think that is the most update for now.  Thank you for praying for our family as we head closer to surgery on November 9.  We trust the Lord with Anna Grace and His plans for her, but we are still parents and are beginning to feel the serious weight of what is about to come.  As you can imagine.  Thank you for following our story.

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Jennifer said...

Praying for your family! For Zach to get better quickly, and for AG to be protected from ever getting sick. I will be praying for quaritine to be a sweet time for your family to spend lots of focused time enjoying each other. :) Love your guts!