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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cardiology Appointment Re-cap

Today Anna Grace had a cardi9ology appointmnet.  During the last visit Zachary went with us and really helped her be brave for the doctor, but today Zachary wadn't with us so it was just AG and I.  I was a little nervous about how she would behave without her brother, but there wasn't any need for me to be concerned because she was calm and cooperated with almost everything Dr R asked of her.  Everyone was impressed with what a big girl she is becoming and I am thankful that the Lord is helping her to be more calm during her doctor appointments.

AG's sats today were low.  They were running mostly 75.  They did get up to 77 for a split second, but pretty much hovered at 75.  So, although we weren't scheduled for an echo those low sats bought us a trip to the echo room.  AG cooperated for that and after Dr R had a chance to review the echo he said that her heart funtion appeared good.  (Thank you Lord!)

So, Dr. R is going to call her surgeon in Charleston (Dr B) to let him know about today's appointment to be sure he is still comfortable with waiting until November 9 for surgery.  Dr. R feels comfortable waiting until Nov 9, so unless Dr B really doesn't like what he sees then we still have a November 9 surgery scheduled.

We went ahead and scheduled an appointmnet to go back in 3 weeks for another check-up and possibly another echo depending on what her sats are.

As for her weight.... she was 32.1 pounds.  Still not the desired 33 pounds, but the weight issue seems to be secondary now in light of the declining sats.

So, we are home now and digesting the reality of a child with congenital heart defects and the upcoming surgery which is staring us in the face.  Sometimes it all seems so normal to us and other times it still feels like a bucket of cold water has just been thrown on us.  I think today is a cold water day.

Please continue to pray for Anna Grace and our family.  Thank you all for following our story.  I took some pictures today and will try to get them uploaded later this week.

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Kimberly said...

Praying for your beautiful girl and for all of you!