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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anna Grace - March 23

So our little one is now 12 weeks old and she will offically be 3 months old on the 28th. I can not beleive it!!! What a journey it has been. Just to report how she has been doing, she did roll over twice from her tummy to her back. We finally got the "all clear" to start putting her on her tummy, which had to be delayed due to the surgery she had. But, she now spends about 5 minutes each "awake" time on her tummy, which she doesn't really care for hence the rolling over I guess (hee-hee)! This past week Anna Grace has discovered her hands. She is absolutley fascinted by them. She will hold them up in front of her little face and just move her fingers and stare at them. She has started trying to grab hold of toys & things as well but hasn't quite mastered that yet. She has also started putting her hands on her bottle as I'm feeding her. She can't hold her bottle, but I think she likes to try. It is really cute. As much as I have tried and tried I have not been able to get this little one on a set schedule (sigh). I will continue to try and perhaps one day it will just click with her. What a treat it is to BLOG about normal baby things..... Perhaps we can even come out of quarantine in the next few weeks??????


Jennifer said...

God is SO GOOD. I am glad for all the normal baby blogging. :) I think you may have to wear a nametag when you come out of quarintine. ;) I have MISSED YOU friend!!! :) LOVE YOUR GUTS.

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Tina! I was thinking about you yesterday and how much we all miss you. I'm glad that you have kept Zachary home so that he never caught any of the stomach bug that we have been through... Hope you have a wonderful week and that you can enjoy some of this beautiful weather outside!

Anonymous said...

That is great news- she is getting big! Don't you realize that you ARE on a schedule- HER schedule! Hope you all can enjoy some outside time. Now that you have TEFRA, give me a call. I have lots of information that can get you extra help.
Kelly Potter