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Friday, March 12, 2010

Anna Grace - March 12

Anna Grace saw her pediatrician today for a "check up". She weighs 10 pounds 7 ounces today, which is great. She had her Synagis (sp?) shot today to help protect her from RSV. This will be the last Synagis shot she will need until the coming Fall (hooray)! While we were there, Dr. Y asked if we wanted to go ahead & do her chest x-ray there since I told him we were having that done on Monday at Mary Black. I jumped on that - it beats having to make another trip on Monday. So.... after we saw Dr. Y we had her chest x-ray & Dr. Y "unofficially" looked at it for us. He didn't see any fluid buildup on her chest, but Dr. R will have to "officially" look at it on Tuesday & make the call. I was encouraged though :) So, perhaps we can stay on breast milk????? It would truly be a blessing.

So, while we were there I asked him for suggestions on getting Anna Grace on a schedule and getting her to sleep without "pat patrol" which consists of me or my hubby swaying her and patting her bottom until she falls asleep at which time we gingerly place her in her bed with a prayer that she stays asleep. Now, let me clarify by saying we did Babywise with our son Z and think it's great, but with Anna Grace's surgery, hospital stay & then crazy Portagen doing Babywise with her wasn't even feasibile until now. So, Dr. Y assured me that it would be fine to do Babywise with her and that letting her "cry it out" would be OK. So.... it will be a tough 3 - 5 days as we begin the Babywise process with Anna Grace. And who knows, it really may not be a good option for her, but we will give it a try and see. Pray for Mommy & Daddy - it is heart wrenching to hear her cry :(

So, Babywise for the weekend and then we'll see her cardiologist on Tuesday for a check up and the official verdict from her chest x-ray. Thank you for continuing to pray for Anna Grace :)

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