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Monday, August 6, 2012

Potty Time!!!!!

Yes, it's potty time in our house!  I have really hesitated with starting potty training Anna Grace just because I knew we had an upcoming surgery (which I though was going to be August 10) so I just thought I would wait to start until after surgery.

Well, a couple of months ago she started asking to go.  Huh????  I had heard rumors of children doing this but never imagine that I would be so blessed as to have my own child do it!!!!!  So, even though I wanted to wait until after the Fontan to potty train I wasn't going to tell her no, so when ever she would ask I would let her use the potty.  I never asked her, I was content to leave her in diapers, but as time went on she asked more and more and I finally thought, OK, it's time to potty train her.  So, although I'm not doing the "potty training boot camp" that I did with Zachary we are doing potty training "casual"  :)

We don't use pull-ups, just underwear and for the most part she does great.  She is still in diapers at bedtime, but she has done remarakably well.  I fully expect there to be potty regression when she has her Fontan in November, which is why I'm being super-casual about potty training.  But for the time being we have been doing the "POTTY DANCE" around here a lot and singing that silly little song!!!!!  Oh... she is also indulging her sweet tooth whenever she has success, which has been a huge motivator for her :) 

"Do the (clap, clap) potty dance"!!!!!!  (You do all sorts of silly things once you  have kids... am I right Moms????)

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