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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cardiology Appointment

Anna Grace had a cardiology appointment today.  It went very, very well.  Better than I expected actually. Normally I medicate Anna Grace for her echos so that she is a little more relaxed and will cooperate a little easier since she gets so scared and anxious and cries and cries and cries..  However, recently she has really started wanting to do EVERYTHING that her big brother does.  So, for today's appoinhtment instead of medicating her I decided to allow her big brother to help.  After talking with Zachary about my plan, he was excited to help his little sister be brave and after getting approval from Dr. R today I put my plan to the test.

The plan?  Have Zachary go first.  Simple plan really although I wasn't sure if it would work for a cardiology visit.  But it worked terrificly!!!!  So, Zachary was a good sport and had his weight, height, blood pressure and O2 sats checked.  Then it was Anna Grace's turn.  No problem after watching Zachary go first.  Then it was time for the echo.  Zachary jumped up on the table, took off his shirt and laid down.  He was fascinated that he could see his heart on the screen.  I was quite fascinated too since I have never seen a four chamber heart on echo before!  Then it was Anna Grace's turn.  She was a little nervous about this and wanted me to lay on the table with her in my lap holding her.  Once I hopped up there she laid back on my chest, took the sucker that was offered to her and kicked back and quietly watch some Dora.  Amazing!  I NEVER thought the day would come. 

Then after we were shown to our room and Dr. R came in Anna Grace actually talked with him and willing lifted her shirt up for him to have a listen to her heart.  I think Dr. R and I were both stunned.  After all, Anna Grace has a reputation of being one of his most difficult patients!

I know that so many of you were praying for Anna Grace this morning and I am so thankful that the Lord gave her peace and comfort. I am so very thankful and PRAISE GOD for this blessing.  As a Mom, it is so very hard to hold your child down crying and screaming and saying "no", "no" all the while you're putting on a smile and saying, "it's OK" but really you just want to weep for your child.  To not have to do that this morning was huge.  So very huge.  Truly an answered prayer and I am so thankful that so many of you have so faithfully prayed for our family and for Anna Grace since the beginning of our journey.  Please know that I am truly, truly humbled and grateful.

As for the results of everything...... her O2 sats are hovering right about 80, this is actually a really good number for Anna Grace so I was pleased.  Her blood pressure was fine and her heart function looked good.  Her medication stayed the same and as things stand right now surgery is still scheduled for August 10.  AG currently does not have another cardiology appointment scheduled before surgery, although Dr. R asked me to call him next week so we could talk.

The unopened MUSC envelope is still sitting on my desk.... maybe I'll open it next week!  Overall, I have to say that today was a pretty fantastic day.

I took some pictures while we were at cardiology today and I'll try to get them posted later this week.  Thanks friends for continuing to follow our story :)


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I am so happy for you and for AG.

Cathy VM

Hope said...

Missing you all and catching up via blog:) xoxo

Cardiology India said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been following Anna Grace's journey since she was born and it wonderful to see that she is doing so well. What a blessing to have a big brother to show her the way! I continue to pray for you and your family.

Carolina Carters said...

How awesome that AG has such a great big brother! :) I'm glad things are going well and we'll be praying for the upcoming Fontan!!