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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pictures and Adventures

Even though we have a heart cath coming up and it is serious business, we are not just sitting around the house in the duldrums. No, we are continuing to live our life and make memories together as a family. Here are just a few of our most recent everyday adventures!

Mommy's Little Helper! Over the last few weeks Anna Grace has really shown her personality as a helper. She helps me unload the dishwasher... everyday. She helps me sort and do the laundry.... everyday! I can not clean the countertop without her wanting to "help" nor can I sweep the floor without her wanting to "help". This is my first expereince with a "little helper" as Zachary is not inclined in this direction at all. If you are a Mom of a "helper" you know that help from a 2 year old is really more work than help, but I don't want to discourage her enthusiasm so now I just determine that it's going to take twice as long, but ohhhh the memories!!! So sweet!

Last weekend Zachary was invited to a birthday party at the Kindergym at the local YMCA. It was so much fun. They had a teacher there who set up obstacle courses and races and had the kids doing all sorts of fun physical activities. I was throughly entertained and Zachary had so much fun. This is on my to-do list of birthday parties for my kids in the future!

The abovementioned birthday party was for a little boy and it was a military/army themed party. The Mom of the birthday boy gave out goody bags at the end of the party to all the party goers and the goody bags were military themed as well. See Zachary sporting his aviator sunglass, army green watch and in case you can't tell that's an airplane whistle he's holding to his lips. What a great goody bag!

This last photo is of Anna Grace at her 2 year well baby appointment. She looks relatively happy because we had just gotten there and she hadn't seen the nurse or doctor yet. Things quickly went downhill after this picture was taken, but for just a brief moment she was pretty happy. We did find out at this appointment that AG has to go see a hand specialist due to her thumb dislocating 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Hmmm.... wonder when we're going to fit that in with our heart cath and open heart surgery......

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