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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Joys of Quarantine

So we have been in quarantine now for 7 days in preparation for Anna Grace's heart cath coming up on Friday. What quarantine means to our family is that my hubby still goes to work but the kids and I stay home and away from people unless there is a scheduled doctor appointment.

The kids and I have been creative this week in trying to find things to do to keep us busy, entertained and away from too much tv (although we have watched more tv this week than usual). This week Zachary has learned to ride his bike without training wheels (sorry, no picture of that one since I was the one pushing him to get him going). Zachary also learned to climb the magnolia tree in the front yard. We of course made a trip to our local botanical garden - which is pretty much deserted in the winter time so not much fear of running into people there. We have also gotten desperate on cold days and taken to pouring white rice in a bucket and giving the kids measuring cups to play with. That one was kind of messy, but entertained both the kids for at least 2 hours. Totally worth the rice mess that had to be cleaned up.

As for sickness, my hubby did get sick this week which landed him in the doctor with a diagnosis of strep throat and an antibiotic. AG also got an antibiotic for something unrelated, but I was thankful because she started that BEFORE hubby got his strep. So far Zachary and I have remained well and I am very hopeful that the worst of it has passed.

I also got a call from MUSC this week saying that we had been bumped to second case for AG's heart cath. Since I'm not a newbie to the heart world I knew this was a possibility and I also understand that we have most likely bumped some other heart child in the past when AG was younger, but it's still hard not to be annoyed when they tell you no food or drink after midnight and that they most likely won't get started on my two year old until 11:00. AG, who is NOT a roll with the punches kind of girl is going to have a very rough Friday morning I'm afraid. Please pray for her to be easily distracted when she's thirsty and hungry and waiting! That being said, I completley trust the Lord's timing and rest in His soverignty in this even if is not what I would have chosen. The Lord is faithful and good!

I'm sure I will be posting again before our heart cath on Friday, but please do start praying for wisdom for the doctors, perfect timing, no complications, good pressures, ease with anesthesia, safe travel to Charleston, low anxiety for AG, for the family to stay well so we don't have to reschedule, patience for Mom & Dad, peace for Anna Grace.

Thank you friends for continuing to follow our story! Here are some pics from the last week! Enjoy!

Zachary and his leaf collection at the botanical garden

Zachary up the magnolia tree (is this an ER visit wating to happen?)

The kids playing in the bucket with rice. Yes, it is in my living room! They loved it!

If you've ever seen our family picture and wondered how this raven haired family ended up with a little blondie like Anna Grace - wonder no more.... here is Anna Grace with her Mee-mee. Yep.... they look just alike don't they?


mom2lo said...

I will be praying for Anna Grace and the rest of you as you prepare for her cath on Friday! Have fun keeping those kiddos entertained this week! ;)

Michelle G said...

Praying for Anna Grace as well as the rest of you! We miss Zachary in Zoom Zone but understand his absence.

Hirsita Dixit said...
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