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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This has been an exciting week for our family. This week our Church is hosting Vacation Bible School. In case you don't know what Vacation Bible School is, it is an outreach program of our Church where children are invited to come for the week from 9:00 am until noon and there are many activites planned to share with the children about Jesus. At our Church children can start attending Vacation Bible School at 3 years old, but since we were in Charleston at MUSC last summer when Zachary was 3 he was not able to go. So, this is Zachary's first year of attending Vacation Bible School. Now, I really have been out of touch with Vacation Bible School since I was a child. What I do remember about Vacation Bible School is hearing some Bible stories, singing some songs and making a craft. Well.... that was a LONG time ago and things at Vacation Bible School have changed!!!!!

From what I could gather from my 4 year old, in one room there is a Bible story around a "campfire", and then they go to another room to play games "Pass the Pony" I beleive is what he called it, and then they go to another room to learn songs and then they go to the Sanctuary for some serious kid craziness. I don't know exactly what transpires in there, but when I went in there today to pick him up, our children's Minister was getting a bucket of green slime dumped on his head. Yep, Seriously. The kids were screaming and going wild. It is a far cry from the Vacation Bible School that I remember!

It seems like a lot of fun mixed in with Bible Stories and fellowship. Zachary is enjoying himself and really having a great time. Anna Grace and I have been hanging around for about 30 minutes after I drop him off just walking around and talking to people in the halls - she seems to be doing better being around people and she LOVED all the screaming and clapping in the Sanctuary today when we went to pick Zachary up. She was screaming and clapping along with all the kids, it was very cute to see her enjoying herself so much.

I will try to take some pictures tomorrow and post them up on the BLOG for you to enjoy!

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