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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Normal" Baby Sick and 5K Update

If you read the last BLOG post and wondered what was going on, Anna Grace has been "normal" baby sick as I like to refer to it. She had a little cold and it turned into an ear infection. She "let us know" she was sick by staying up all night Thursday night crying, which of course prompted us to take her to the doctor Friday morning with the diagnosis of an ear infection and a round of antibiotics. Now, it is no fun for anyone to stay up all night with a crying baby, but hey, it is "normal" baby sick so I'll take it any day of the week! It is her very first ear infection and she is 18 months old now - an ear infection was bound to happen at some point. As soon as she started taking her antibiotics she was fine. Her little cold is still running its course, but she is acting like her old self again. Hooray for Amoxicillan :)

So, you may remember about a month ago I posted a contest on my BLOG for the naming of a 5K race that I am helping to plan. I recived several submissions and I am heading to the committee meeting tonight to vote on the name of the 5K race. The 5K race is to benefi an organization called Palmetto Hearts (www.palmettohearts.org) which helps support families who have children with congenital heart defects. The person with the "winning idea" for the race name will received a free race t-shirt once we have them printed. I will post the winning idea here tomorrow.


mom2lo said...

Sorry to hear about the ear infection, but very glad the antibiotic did the trick and Anna Grace is back to her old self again! :)

Sally said...

Ear infections hurts alot, I remember when Sakarias had it and kept us up all night crying.. but as you say: it's normal babysick so it's "okay" :-) Happy to hear that shes fine again :-)