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Monday, January 30, 2012

Love of Horses

Over the last few weeks I have discovered that Anna Grace has a HUGE love of horses. It was discovered almost by accident really. As you know, I like to take the kids hiking... probably 4 days a week we go. I have become bored lately with some of our usual spots, so I decided a couple weeks ago to take the kids up to the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind. They have some walking trails and a track you can run on and they also happen to have an equestrian program there. I believe it is used as therapy for the students at the school, but they have a big fenced pasture there with some very gentle horses. So, we went walking on the walking trails next to the horse pasture and the kids climbed up on the fence and began calling the horses. When the first horse walked up Anna Grace just stood there and leaned over and kissed the horse. She pet it and talked to it and wasn't intimidated by the horse at all. It was so sweet and she couldn't get enough! Since then we have been back several times to walk and see the horses and we have "made friends" with several of the horses there. I'm thinking that one very sweet special little girl will be having horse back riding lessons in the future...... Here are a few pics of our newest adventure!

Nope, she wasn't scared at all!

Anna Grace loved the horses!

Zachary really liked the horses too!

After visiting the horses we made our way to the track and Zachary of course had to try a little football!

Here is Anna Grace trying her best at the long jump!

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