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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heart Mom Night Out & Diaper Shenanigans

We had our monthly Heart Mom Night Out last night. It was such a fun time getting together with other heart moms and just chatting about our kids and the struggles and milestones that each of them are experiencing right now. There were 6 of us in attendance last night and each one of these heart moms is so special to me. I am so thankful that the Lord has brough together this group of ladies to pray for each other, support and encourage each other on the rollercoaster of being a heart mom.

If you or someone you know is a heart mom and you might have an interest in joining our little group, please leave me a comment. I would love for you to join us!

Coincidentally - four of our heart kids have cardiology visits coming up in December - all right before Christmas - so if you happen to think about our little group - please pray for our heart kids and for our heart Moms. As EVERY heart mom that I know will attest.... the night before cardiology appointments we are very nervewracking - for so many reasons.

Thank you friends for being so faithful to keep up with our family and for continuing to pray. We are truly grateful.

On a MUCh lighter note.... Anna Grace has recently learned how to unzip zippers. Wow! You might be saying. How wonderful that she can do such a dexterous thing at such a young age. Well, this Mommy is not quite convinced of the blessing of this new trick. You see, Anna Grace sleeps in a sleep sack which is basically this fleece potato sack thingy which has a zipper up the front. It's to keep her under a blanket since little ones tend to sleep all over the place and won't stay under their blankets at night. It's a wonderful invention and she has slept in one since she was about 6 months old. Well, now that she knows how to unzip the zipper on her sleep sack she can get out of it while in her crib. Once she gets out of it her clothes come off - I mean ALL off and then her diaper comes off too. Friday night she woke up crying at about midnight. This is not unusual for Anna Grace so I went in to check on her. She was naked in her crib, crying and had wet herself and her crib. She was freezing, soaked and naked. No fun at midnight. So - I took the suggestion that a friend of mine had - turn the sleep sack around backwards so the zipper is in the back. Genius I thought! So today at nap time that's what I did thinking there would be no way for her to escape. But, my clever little daughter did just that. After about 20 minutes of crying in her crib at nap time I went to check on her. She had managed to unzip her sleep sack about half way up AND take off her diaper. The zipper was in the back!!!!!! Ugh..... Zachary never did this so I am in new territory here. Anyone else ever experience this? Any suggestions? How quickly will she tire of this little game???? Mommy is tired of washing sheets daily :)

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Cathy VM said...

Try putting a safety pin right at the zipper so that the zipper can't be undone and see if that works, unless you think she can undo the safety pin and then that would be dangerous.