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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Virus and Synagis and Flu Shots, Oh My!

Last Wednesday Anna Grace started running a fever. 102.3 to be exact. The only two times in her life she has ever run a fever that high has been with strep throat so I immediatley called our favorite pediatrician Dr. Y to go in for a strep test. I was sure it was strep. She didn't have any other symptom except not wanting to eat and having a high fever. So in we go Wednesday afternoon for the strep test - which surprisingly came out negative. Huh???? Dr. Y said he thought it was just a virus but to call him Friday afternoon if she was still running a fever. When Friday afternoon rolled around she was still running 101.7 so I called. The pediatrician felt like the best course was to start her on an antibiotic since it was Friday afternoon and for some reason her strep culture wasn't sent out for a 48 hour culture. Not sure why, I'm sure it was just a mistake, but to be on the safe side we started the antibiotic. Saturday she was still running fever but Sunday it stopped and then the cough started. Yep, there's a virus going around here that causes a yucky bad cough. Zachary and I both had it, but we never ran any fever - we just had a cough. Obviously she caught our virus and it just hit her more intensly than us. She is finishing up the antibiotics though just to play it safe.

Well, last week Anna Grace was supposed to have her first round of Synagis and her Flu Shot but she wasn't able to get either since she was sick and running a high fever. So, she is scheduled for Thursday morning to receive her Synagis - which if you remember from last year I have a love/hate relationship with. I love the added protection the medicine offers from RSV, but I hate the anxiety all of these monthly injections add to my daughter who already is terrified of the doctor.

I still have not made up my mind about giving Anna Grace the flu shot on Thursday with the Synagis as planned. After all, she is still recovering from a yucky virus and I hate to give her so much medicine all at once. Although, if she doesn't get her flu shot with the Synagis tomorrow that means yet another trip to the doctor for an injection which is going to cause more anxiety.

So.... I am praying the Lord will give me some wisdom and discernemnt with this one. I of course want what is best for my daughter and like all heart Moms we know we have to be our child's advocate.

Either way - it will be Synagis Thursday for sure.


Jennifer said...

I've been praying for you today! I hope things went smoothly--- no matter how many shots you decided to have administered today. :) Love ya!

alvaro said...

good source