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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Update

I am really sorry that it has been such a long time since I have updated. I wanted to take a minute to fill you all in on what has been going on with our family. It's all good, we've just been busy!

Zachary finished his last swimming lesson last week. He has been taking swimming all summer and is doing terrific. Completley beyond my expectations of where he would be with swimming at his age. He is swimming freestyle, back stroke, can dive and float on his back. I think he may be a better swimmer than me now! We're letting him take a couple of months off from swimming because this week he started soccer!

This is the first time he has ever played a "team" sport and I am excited about the opportunities he's going to have learning how to play as a team. He had his first soccer practice last night. Although, I truly felt sorry for the coaches trying to keep a gaggle of four-year-olds together and on task. It was like herding cats. The boys were a lot more interested in goofing off than learning to play soccer. We'll see how the season progresses. I'll keep you updated, but Zachary did have a terrific time at soccer practice (other than running full speed ahead into the soccer goal - bam - right into it)! Running into the goal didn't seem to phase him as much as him not winning the running race - which it wasn't a race, they were just running laps, but somehow he got it into his head that it was a race and his goal accident made him come in last. Poor kid :) Paying attention is hopefully something else he will learn during this soccer season!

Last Wednesday Zachary started school for the very first time. He is in 4K and is going to school 5 days a week from 8:30-11:30. He really seems to be enjoying himself although has had some difficulty refraining himself from talking during class - big surprise (NOT)!! I jokiingly told Brian that if Zachary could learn nothing else this year except how to sit in his seat and be quiet then I will feel like we've gotten our money's worth! It is going to be a challenge for our little social bug.

Since starting school Zachary has managed to already catch a head cold. He hasn't run any fever or anything but he definately has a cold. He was also sweet enough to share his cold with his little sister so the last few nights I have been up with AG because she can't breathe through her nose and she has to have her paci to sleep. So, since she can't suck on her paci she can't sleep so Mommy has been partying a good bit during the night. Sigh. I am preparing myself for staying sick this entire school year - everyone tells me the first year of school is like that. We will all be heading to the doctor in October for our flu shots and any other kind of shot or vaccination they can give us to help keep us well.

Speaking of shots. Anna Grace's pediatrician is still working on getting her Synagis approval. Please continue to pray about this. I'll keep you posted.

In my mind I thought that I would have TONS of one-on-one time with AG while Zachary was in school, but honestly since he started school I have mostly been running erronds wtih AG because lets face it - it is easier to run erronds with one chid instead of two. Hopefully next week I'll be a little more caught up with my running around and can just do some fun girl things with AG.

So, I have a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks I need to post and I will hopefully get to that later this week. But, I wanted to go ahed and update you on how we were. Thanks for keeping up with us and for continuing to pray for AG!

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